CallGraph Skype Recorder Reviews

Call graph Skype recorder is one of the tools used for recording Skype calls by people On Windows PC. There are many factors that influence the need to record a Skype call and in most cases, people want to have memories that they can retrieve at any moment. Thus, people take time to go through the available options of the tools that can be used to record Skype conversation. If you have been there, you have probably come across Callgraph for Skype which is one of best Skype recorder for Windows.

Call graph happens to be a tool that is so easy to use and which comes with no restrictions whatsoever. What you will love about CallGraph Skype recorder for windows is that you can record as many calls as you may want so long as the storage space is sufficient.  This is one of the tools that give you the ability to record both the video and the audio. I think this gives you some freedom in terms of how you may want to record any of your Skype calls, people who want memories in the form of pictures will have a great time with this software as there is a lot that it is capable of doing. Retrieving the recorded Skype calls is so easy and you don’t go through a lot of hustles to get that done. Let me take you through some of the steps you will have to follow in order to record your Skype calls.


  1. If you don’t have Skype on your PC, you should begin by downloading it. If you have Skype, you should now download CallGraph and install it. This is easy and will not take much of your time.
  2. You should allow the software to connect to Skype which will make it easy for it to record any incoming or outgoing Skype calls.
  3. Once you are through with the installation, you can make a call to test how this software works. The best thing to do at this moment is to make a call to echo which is mainly used for sound testing purposes.
  4. In the setting, set CallGraph to record calls automatically, the screen shot below shows what you should expect while recording a call.
  5. While recording a call, you can add notes which may help you remember the recorded calls quite easily. You can pause an ongoing recording and resume later or you can stop an ongoing recording which will terminate the call automatically.
  6. Retrieving recorded calls is easy and as you click on the folder icon on the task bar which gives you a list of all the recorded calls. The toolbar is not as complicated and happens to be very easy to use. Users’ will rarely get a hard time while using call graph to record their Skype calls.

Before you even start recording any Skype call with CallGraph software, you will need to configure this software to make it easier to use in consequent times. Below are some of the things that you take into consideration when configuring Call graph.

How to configure

  • Click on the general settings where you will get several options to choose from, one of the main important factor that you will concentrate on is whether you want to record Skype calls automatically or manually. The best option to settle for is recording calls automatically; this reduces the burden on your side whereby you have to click on the record button every time you get a Skype call.
  • You can also allow callgraph to run at star up, this means that immediately you start your windows PC this tool will automatically run. It takes away the need of having to do all that work manually.
  • On the updates section, you will only get two options; one is whether you would want to automatically install updates and two, weather to be asked before installing updates. If you are located in a place with wifi, you can settle on automatic updates if you have to pay for your own data bundles, it would be wise if you were to be asked. We know that installing updates requires a place with fast and good internet connectivity which data bundles may not be able to provide.

When configuring the recording option, you can choose to either record your Skype calls in WAV or MP3 format. Most people will often settle for MP3 which can be played by most of the devices. As a matter of fact, many people happen to be familiar with MP3 as compared to WAV. You have the option of selecting the audio channel that you would want to have, you can either settle for mono or stereo. After you are done with all the settings, click on apply which saves all the changes that you have made.
That is how easy configuring callgraph recorder is. From there you can now start recording all the calls that you want to as there are no limitations with this tool.


Just like most software for recording Skype conversations, Callgraph also happens to be so easy to use that anyone installing it for the first time will have no trouble working with it. It comes in handy for people who would want to record audio calls and keep the memories for future use. Configuring might be a little bit tricky for Callgraph as it has more options to choose than other software. This is not to mean that using it is also complicated. People who will need to record video calls may have to opt for other options which are fit for that purpose. Callgraph can only record audio and does not record any video. The good thing is that Skype calls are recorded in MP3 format which is playable by most of the devices that people have.


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