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Evaer Skype recorder is software used by people who are either on Windows or Mac to record their Skype conversations. It is simple to use as it has guidelines that are easy and simple to understand and follow. Evaer has become so popular in the recent past especially with Windows PCs. There are so many tools out there that are in a position to record Skype conversations but not all of them can give you satisfactory services. Most people love settling for free Skype Call Recorder for Windows, the only issue with the free versions is that you don’t get the benefit of having as many feature that you would want.

Evaer has two versions; you can either buy the standard or the professional license. The professional license is more expensive than the standard license and it thus gives you more options when it comes to recording your Skype conversation. If you have never tried Evaer as a tool for recording your Skype calls, you may as well get a free trial to work out and learn on some of the things that you can get with the whole package. I want to take you through some of the features that you will encounter as you are using this tool. The first thing you need to know is how you will use Evaer on your windows to record any call.

How to record your conversations 

  1. The first thing you need to have is Skype, your Evaer Skype recorder cannot work without Skype. This is because it has not been built to carry out calls but to only record calls made via Skype.
  2. If you already have Skype, you will need to download Evaer, the best place to do that is from their website as you don’t get a lot of unnecessary pop ups.
  3. Log into your Skype account
  4. Click on the Evaer set up on your desktop
  5. Select the option of how you would want to record your Skype call, as you can see from the screen shot below, there are several options to choose from, you may choose to record your calls automatically, this means that as soon as you get a Skype call, recording will begin immediately. Selecting manual recording means that you will have to be giving the command on whether or not you would want to record your Skype conversation once you receive a call.
  6. Make a Skype call and then click the record button, once recording begins, the record button will turn from black to red indicating that recording has already begun.
  7. After you finish recording your call, the most recent call will be displayed on your screen and you can click on it to watch the most recent video.

How to configure Evaer 

  • You need to click in the general settings icon and put some of the things in order. The options that you get on the general setting are simple and clear for you to understand. The two most important things that you will need to set is when you would want Evaer to start, whether you would want it to start when you start windows or when you start Skype.

You need to know what you want and how you want to be recording your Skype conversation,


The above image clearly indicates the various options of recording your Skype calls that Evaer can give you.

  • Under the general settings, you choose whether you would want your Skype calls to be recorded automatically, i.e. when you receive a call the recording starts at that time. The other option gives you the option of manually recording your Skype calls. With this option, you first make a call on Skype then click on Evaer and once it appears on your desktop, click on the start record button.
  • The recording setting reveals the various options that you can record your Skype conversation with, some of the options you will get are
  • Recording your videos side by side
  • Record Skype calls with picture in picture mode
  • Record on separate video files
  • Record local webcam only
  • Record remote webcam only

Depending on what you would want to get out of a recording, the above options will give you the assistance that you want ensuring that you only use the tool that is beneficial for you.

  • When configuring the audio, you only have three options
  • Record both sides
  • Record my side
  • Record remote side only

The three options present to you options on how you would want to have your audio. Again, this solely relies on what you want to achieve when recording any Skype call. Your interest is what will determine the option that you will settle for.

The above are the three main things that you should ensure that you configure appropriately to get good results with this tool. The settings are prone to change whenever you feel like you would want to record your calls differently.


The above are some of the facts that tell us that Evaer is one of the best tools for recording your Skype conversation. It has so many features and options for users to choose from. This gives people a little bit of freedom in recording their Skype calls as they can play about with tool to get what makes them happy. Most people that have used Evaer have found it to be easy to use and fun. The fact that configuring is as easy makes it better because the guidelines are clear to follow.


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