iFree Skype Recorder Reviews

iFree Skype recorder for windows happens to be one of the simplest tools to use while recording your Skype calls. What makes ifree top the list of the Skype recorder Windows that you may have on your PC is the fact that it is absolutely free. You don’t have to pay a dime to begin recording any of your calls. This is an unlikely factor in most of the Skype recording tools that you have on the internet. Most of them will require you to pay some amount of money in order to start recording any of your Skype calls.

The only issue with Ifree is the fact that you will not be able to record any of your video calls. This tool works for people who are interested in recording audio calls only. Someone who needs a tool for recording video calls may have to settle for alternative software which has such a capability. Most people will not settle for a tool that has so many limitations attached on it. Ifree is one of the tools that allow you to record your Skype conversations without any form of limitation attached to it. You get the freedom to record as much as you may want in terms of the duration. At least the duration is not limited giving you freedom to record long conversations.

How to record using iFree

  1. You will need to download and install iFree on your PC. This is the first step that you will have to fulfill so that you may start recording all your Skype calls.
  2. You are required to allow ifree to connect to Skype, by so doing, the software will be in a position to detect any incoming or outgoing calls and as such be able to record your calls.
  3. If you have set iFree to automatically record a call, recording will begin once you make or receive a call. If not, you will have to manually start a recording by clicking on the start record button. This is at times tasking as you may miss on the initial details of the call. I prefer having it on automatic record mode
  4. While having an ongoing call, you can either pause or stop the recording. Stopping the recording automatically terminates the call being recorded and the recording will be saved on its own file. Pausing a call does not terminate the call and you may resume the call at any point. Once you resume the call, the whole conversation that was there before and after the pause will be recorded on the same file.image001
  5. To retrieve the recorded Skype calls, you are required to select the history option which will give you a list of the recordings that you have saved. You can replay the recorded files to test whether the tool has served you as per your expectations. Below is a screen shot showing what you expect to view once you click on the history icon

How to configure

  1.  With iFree, you have few settings to work with which makes configuration an easy task.
  2. On the general option, you can either choose to start iFree once you start windows, bring iFree to the front when the conversation starts, bring it to the front when the conservation is finished, bring history window to the front when recording is finished or hide to system tray at start up. The only option that is likely to affect ifree is the first one, it saves you from having to manually start the software. Everytime you start windows. The rest of the options are more likely to be influenced by your preference.
  3. With the call recording option, you can either choose to automatically record calls, this means that recording will start immediately you have an incoming or outgoing call. With manual recording, you will always have to give iFree the permission to record any of your calls. This is at times tasking, I thus prefer having it on automatic recording of calls. The other option that you are required to choose from is whether you would want to record audio from both sides, your side or the remote side only. Most people will opt for recording both sides which makes so much sense as no one would want to record their side only.
  4. With iFree configuration, you get the opportunity to choose your most preferred recording mode, mono, stereo or joint stereo depending on what you prefer. You also get to choose the recording bit rate or the recording sample rate.
  5. With the chat reply option, you can choose to enable automatic chat reply which is one of the best options as your callers will get an automatic chat reply whenever they make a call and you are not around to answer it. You can also reply chats at online status which means that you will only reply to chats when you are online on Skype, you can also select the option of replying chats when you have selected your status to either away or other forms which don’t allow people to see you online.

The above are some of the options that you get with iFree and once you configure the above settings, it will be easier for you to make and record Skype calls easily in future.



iFree is one of the tools that will give you an easy time whenever you want to record any of your Skype conversations. The good thing with this software is that the calls are recorded in MP3 format which is playable by most of the gadgets that we have around. The deal that you get with iFree is one that you may not get with most of the tools for recording your Skype calls. Since it is a free tool, it is easily accessible to most people and is easy to use. People who need a Skype recorder that can record video calls may have to settle for other options since iFree may not offer that option.


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