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Supertintin Skype recorder is a tool for recording Skype conversation and is not limited to what it can do. It offers a wide array of possibilities that can be helpful to people by having so many features that allow recording of all sort of Skype calls. The good thing with Supertintin is that it has no limitation whatsoever on how you would record your calls, it gives you almost all the possibilities that you would want in a recording tool. Both the audio and the video are of high quality and you get results that are worth keeping. Basically, recording anything with Supertintin is as easy as you can watch whatever you have recorded at your own time.

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Most of the Skype recording tools that offer such functions come at a cost. This is the same case with this tool. For you to get Supertintin, you will have to pay some amount of cash in order to get the package that comes with all the good things. There is also an option of getting the trial version which happens to be free. The free version may not be as good as the paid one as you will not get most options in how you can record your Skype calls. At least it gives you a sneak peak of what to expect with the paid version.

How to use Supertintin

  1. If you are considering having a tool for recording your Skype conversation, then it means that you already have Skype on your PC. If not, you can consider downloading Skype first because Supertintin cannot work as an independent entity, it needs Skype.
  2. Download Supertintin, the best place to do so is on their website, this saves you some extra cost that you may otherwise incur on other website that may keep on redirecting you before you can finally get to the software. Below is a portion of the website where you may get the download option
  3. After downloading the tool, you will get some of the directions that will lead you to the installation of the software on your PC. Be sure to allow the software to connect to Skype, this is the only way that this tool can record your Skype calls.
  4. After installation, launch Skype and make a call as you do on normal occasions, if you want to test it fast, you can do a voice test with echo which will help you record the audio and hear what happens with Supertintin.
  5. Click the red button, it is the record button. Once you start recording, be it a video call or an audio call, you can pause in the middle of the conversation and resume later. The pause button is provided for that function.
  6. After recording all the important calls that you have, finding them is not difficult at all, once you finish with a call, all the recorded calls will be listed right below and you can click on any to listen to it again.

To have your Skype calls recorded in the right way, you will need to configure Supertintin properly to get good results. Let me take you through some of the simple steps that can follow to configure Supertintin

Configuring Supertintin

Supertintin happens to be one of the easiest software to configure, it is not complicated as some of the software that we have. The image below shows some of the options that you will have while configuring Supertintin for easy use in the consequent times.


  • On the general settings, you will find all that you need. There are two options to choose from, you can either start Supertintin automatically when you start windows, or start recording calls automatically. The first one allows the software to start immediately after you start windows, this means that you don’t have to manually start the software, the second option that you have is to start recording calls automatically. This means that immediately you make a call, Supertintin will start recording that call. This makes it easier for you.
  • For video recording options, you have several options which are picture in picture, side by side, remote only, or local only mode. You get to choose the most suitable way that you would want to record your video calls. This is what makes Supertintin more interesting to have and use.
  • With the audio, you choose whether you would want to record one side of the audio, or both sides of the audio. When you settle on recording both sides of the audio, your voice and the voice of the person on the other end will be recorded. When you settle on one side, only the voice o the person you are calling will be recorded. After all, there is no point in recording your own voice.

That is all as far as configuring is concerned. After you have configured Supertintin as you would want it to be, you are good to start making calls to friends and family and they will be recorded just like you have indicated in the settings.


From everything discussed above, people who have Supertintin Skype recorder can agree with me that this is one of the best software that you can have for recording your Skype conversations. If you are thinking of going for a Skype recording tool, Supertintin will offer you the best experience, even first time users will agree with me that this is one of the easiest tools to use. You enjoy moments when you have to record memories of your loved ones. Considering that the quality is very good, you are sure that whatever you will have in your archives will be great. To get the most out of Supertintin, you should consider paying in order to get the package that comes with so much. The free version is not as useful, as a matter of fact, it is meant for trial.


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