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TalkHelper is one of the tools that can be used to record your Skype conversation. It is among the best Skype Recorder for Windows 10 that you can have if you are thinking of getting a tool for recording most of your conversation that you would like to have for future reference. if you are coming through this for the first  time, you probably didn’t know that there are software that can be used for recording your Skype conversation. Third party developers have developed software which are able to do that for you and TalkHelper happens to be one of them.  The reason as to why I think that TalkHelper might be good for you is due to the many functions that it comes with, for instance, you are able to do screen shares with this tool. The video and the audio are stored in formats which are easily retrievable and which can be played by most of the gadgets that most people have access to.

Skype audio calls can be saved in MP3 format which we all know can be played by even the simplest gadgets we may have. The fact that this is an easy tool to use, makes it more appealing to first time users who may be interested in getting a tool that can help them record Skype calls. TalkHelper is compatible with almost all the Skype versions available.  The good thing is that if you are not decided on using the software, you can get a seven day trial that will help you make the decision on whether you will need the full package which you of course have to pay for. Let us go through the details on how you record your Skype calls with TalkHelper.


How to record Skype calls with TalkHelper

  1. Download talk helper software from the internet on to your PC
  2. You will go through some of the settings that allow the software to access Skype to make it possible for it to record calls made through Skype.
  3. Once a call is established, i.e. whether you make a call or get an incoming call, TalkHelper detects and starts recording the call automatically. The only thing you have to do is keep the software running so that it will detect any call made through Skype. The screen shot below shows what you expect to see on your PC once a call has stared recording.
  4. During a call, you have several options that you can choose from, you can choose to either stop an ongoing recording or pause it. Stopping the recording will terminate the recording and you will not be able to proceed unless you start the call all over again. Once you pause an ongoing recording, you will get a resume record button which you can always press when you want to resume recording of a call.
  5. Once you are through with recording, the calls that have been recorded will appear on the status bar. You can click on the call that has just been recorded to listen to it. That is how easy recording with talk helper is. Skype audio calls are stored in MP3 format.

How to configure Talk helper

  • Below, is an image that gives you the various options that you have with talk helper. Depending on what you would want to have, set up talk helper to start immediately when you start windows. With this option, talk helper will start immediately you start Windows which will make it easier for you to record Skype calls. You can choose to either hide TalkHelper at start up, bring it at to the front after a call has been recorded. You can choose not to show the quit dialogue among the many options that are there.


  • Click on the general settings to determine how you would want to record your Skype calls. The best option is choosing to automatically record your Skype calls. This means that immediately you get an incoming Skype call, TalkHelper detects and begins to record the call. You can also choose to automatically record your voice messages and video messages. The advantage of having your Skype recorder doing it automatically is that you become relieved of having to manually do some clicks when you are doing the recording.
  • For the call record setting, you get to choose the various options available with recording your call. You can choose to record your audio calls in stereo or mono mode. This highly depends on the person and how they prefer the sound to be.
  • There is an option that presents to you the command on how you would want to record your calls. MP3 is the best format that anyone can choose because it is easily played by other gadgets.
  • There are various locations that you can choose to save your, audio recording, voice messages, video recordings and video messages. Ensure that you select the location that yould like to be saving your recording. This makes it easy for whenever you want to retrieve a certain recorded message.



If you have been looking for a tool that will help you record your Skype calls, you may get confused once you go to the internet. There are so many of them, some happen to be free while others require you to pay in order for you to enjoy what they give. It is almost difficult coming up with a conclusive decision on which tool is most appropriate for you. One reason as to why I would recommend TalkHelper to you is because you can get the trial package which is free of charge. The trial package offers you everything that you will get once you are able to pay for the premium version. The only issue is that you will only have twenty one days to use the trial package. 21 days are enough to tell you whether you like the software or whether you will settle for another package.


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